Graduate Assessment Day

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Graduate Assessment Day
The Graduate Assessment Day is used to conduct activities to assess the degree to which M.B.A. students have mastered the material relevant to their field and to the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business Learning Goals. These assessments count toward the Capstone Course requirement in the graduate business degree program.

All graduate students enrolled in a graduate Capstone Course (Strategic Management, BUS679) will be required to take a field-knowledge exam and one other exam that covers one of the Willumstad School of Business Learning Goals. These exams will be administered on the designated Graduate Assessment Day in each term. Currently, the second Friday in November, April, and June has been designated as the Graduate Assessment Days for fall, spring, and summer terms, respectively. Please note that the exact dates will vary each semester due to religious holidays or other events.

Discipline-Specific Knowledge: M.B.A. Major Field Test
The three-hour M.B.A. Major Field Test consists of multiple-choice questions designed to cover a representative sample of the body of knowledge that M.B.A. students learn at Adelphi. Approximately half of these questions are based on short case-study scenarios. The major topic areas are accounting, finance, management, and marketing. A detailed review sheet is distributed to students prior to the test.

Robert B. Willumstad School of Business Learning Goal Assessment Exam
M.B.A. students in the Strategic Management course, BUS679, are randomly assigned to one of the Learning Goal Assessments. The assessments, which are part of a class assignment and count toward the course requirement, can take any form, including case studies, computer simulations, and/or oral presentations. They are designed to assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities related to the learning goal being assessed.

For more information about which Willumstad School of Business Learning Goal will be assessed in each semester, please refer to the Assessment Schedule.


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