Supply Chain Management Learning Objectives

Your advanced work here is guided by specific proficiencies.

Primary Focus of Learning Goal Graduate Learning Objectives


Our graduating students should be able to:

Focus on ethical decision making

Analyze and evaluate social and ethical dilemma such as ethical sourcing and concern for the environment, inherently found in global operations.

Global/Multicultural Perspective

Our graduating students should:

Focus on global and multicultural perspective Have a global perspective as it relates to management of operations in a culturally and demographically diverse environment.

Communication Skills

Our graduating students should:

Focus on oral and written communication skills

Have the ability to effectively communicate the above information to a diverse audience.

Critical Thinking Skills

Our graduating students should:

Focus on analyzing quantitative and qualitative information

Have the ability to integrate and critically evaluate qualitative and quantitative information to make better decisions related to various SCM activities.

Discipline-Specific Knowledge

Our graduating students should:

  Have mastery of fundamental concepts in Supply Chain Management.

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