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Our Mission

Our mission statement is apparent in everything we do.

The Robert B. Willumstad School of Business is located on Long Island in the New York City metropolitan area, the world’s leading business center. Our mission is to prepare our students to be ethical leaders with a global perspective, innovators and problem-solvers. The faculty’s wide-ranging expertise and experience inform our teaching so that our students master a body of knowledge and develop proficiencies in analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills, in and out of class.

Our Students and Programs

Our diverse student body is drawn not only from across the U. S. but also includes a vibrant community of international students. It consists of college-age students and career changers. Our full-time undergraduate and graduate programs aim at excellence in business education with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences in accordance with the vision of the University as a whole. The Willumstad School of Business is also committed to advancing the career needs of working adults through our evening and weekend undergraduate, graduate, and offsite course offerings. The Willumstad School of Business fosters strong and personalized faculty-student interaction through small class sizes, convenient and flexible schedules, online options, ample opportunities for advising, and accessible faculty. Student instruction is enhanced through technology and by offering opportunities for experiential learning in class, via internships, study abroad programs and campus events and lectures.

Our Faculty

Recognizing that ongoing intellectual development of the faculty is a cornerstone for effective teaching, the Willumstad School of Business is committed to enhancing the academic and professional growth of our faculty. Faculty research is expected and rewarded; faculty teaching is developed and evaluated; and, faculty professional practice relevant to teaching and research is encouraged. Faculty publications focus primarily on applied research with some emphasis on basic and pedagogical scholarship. Our faculty aim to develop new perspectives on leadership, ethics, sustainability and specialized knowledge in various disciplines. Additionally, the faculty aim to validate theory by examining a variety of industries including the healthcare industry in the region. We foster an interdisciplinary approach through research collaborations. 

Our Community

The Willumstad School of Business promotes ties across the University community through interdisciplinary and joint degree programs, and the active participation of our faculty in university-wide service. We create value for industry and society by providing qualified candidates for internships and full-time positions in both business and the not-for-profit sector. We seek to contribute to alumni, employers, and the community-at-large through publications, continuing education, symposia, and guest lectures. We also invite the advisory board and other stakeholders to participate in the ongoing evolution of our institution. All of this supports our endeavor to create a culture of engagement.

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