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Business Plan Competition 

Adelphi students of any major can apply for this business plan competition.

Who Can Participate 

All currently enrolled students of Adelphi University, in any major or program of study, who are enrolled in the current academic year may participate.

Students can participate as a member of a team (up to five members) or as individuals. Cross-disciplinary teams are encouraged.

A team or an individual can submit only one business plan. An individual cannot be a member of more than one team.

Participants, whether teams or individuals, can have advisers and coaches. These advisers can be faculty members, business executives, entrepreneurs or family members. This is not a requirement, however, and it is the students who must present their business plan and participate in the competition.

How to Participate 

Teams or individual participants must electronically submit a completed Intent to Compete Form. This form includes the names and student ID number of the participants, as well as their contact information and the business proposal. 

Participants to the competition agree to the following stipulations:

  • The proposal represents the original work of the student(s).
  • They will abide by the rules of the competition.
  • They are responsible for all copyright, trademark and patent issues.
  • Should their proposal be accepted for Part 2 of the competition, they will participate in all the activities of the competition.
The 2017-2018 competition is in the final stages, and the final presentations are taking place on April 24. Information for the 18-19 competition will be announced at a later date.

Nature of the Business Proposal 

The competition is for new, independent ventures. The proposed business must be projected to be financially viable and lawful.

Guidelines for Writing the Business Proposal 

The business proposal should not exceed 1,500 words.

It must provide the following information:

  • Tentative name of the proposed business.
  • Nature of the business. (e.g., retailing, manufacturing, e-commerce, entertainment, etc.)
  • Description of the product or service that the proposed venture will make or provide.
  • The need for the product or service, including the availability of substitute products. (Why will customers buy this product or service?)
  • Identification of the potential target market.
  • Marketing strategy. (How will the company reach its target market and how does it have a competitive advantage?)
  • Existing or potential competitors.
  • Supply, distribution and production strategies.
  • Organization and personnel. (Who are the individuals who will initially manage the enterprise and handle key functions?)
  • Background, experience and skills of the contestant(s) in relation to the proposed business.
  • A three year timeline as to how the business is expected to grow.


A total of $10,000 in prizes will be distributed. First prize is awarded $5,000, second prize is awarded $3,000 and third prize is awarded $2,000.

For more information, please contact:

Murat Erogul
Assistant Professor 
Robert B. Willumstad School of Business 
e- merogul@adelphi.edu

Mike Minutoli 
Director of Graduate Programs 
Robert B. Willumstad School of Business 
e- mminutoli@adelphi.edu 

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