Some of our top alumni talk about their “Adelphi Intern Experience” in the School of Business.

Kristin Suraci ’12

“While interning with Michael Kors I took part in an independent study course and worked very closely with professor Neil Halloran, who served as an excellent mentor throughout the process. Professor Halloran and I met regularly over the course of the semester to discuss my internship, what I was learning and how that applied to what I was learning in my HR courses. For example, when taking a course in selection, you might be taught what types of interview questions to ask and how to prevent discrimination in the selection process, but you cannot be taught how exactly to choose the ‘best-fit’ candidates for such different types of positions. That ability can only be developed through experience.

Professor Halloran really took the time to discuss these things with me and to advise me whenever I had questions that arose as a result of my internship.”

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Kristin Suraci  

Kelsey Herron

Kelsey Herron ’13

“Adelphi University was not only a noted academic school for me, it was a stepping stone and portal to connections toward a career in the fashion industry. During my time as a student living on campus, I had the opportunity to intern at two well-known fashion companies in New York City and acquire hands-on experience that could not be taught in a classroom. Without convenient access to Manhattan’s thriving business culture, a fashion internship wouldn’t have been possible.

As an ambitious business student, I worked hard to excel and network my way through my intern programs. I connected confidently with the companies I interned for and made sure to leave a strong impression. All my hard work was well rewarded! After graduation, I landed a job with Michael Kors, the company I just concluded interning for. I am currently a shop manager for Michael Kors, and could not have had this opportunity without pursuing internships.”

Sarah Sullivan ’06

“My internship experience at 1-800Flowers.com provided me with the opportunity to apply theory into action and gain real world business experience with and among senior executives. I was given significant responsibility while working with my director, and in several instances, acted in his stead. The experience not only enabled me to develop an understanding of how an executive thinks and operates, but also matured me as a professional.

I credit many of my professors for teaching me business acumen and I credit my internship for successfully tapping into my academic experience to help me navigate this real world circumstance.

With my major in accounting and two years of internship experience, I landed a job as an assurance associate for PricewaterhouseCoopers.”


Neil Halloran

About the Internship Coordinator

Neil Halloran has been a senior adjunct professor at Adelphi for more than nine years, teaching graduate-level classes, which include G.O.A.L. M.B.A. (Accelerated) program classes and M.B.A., with a specialization in Health Services Administration courses offered to doctors and surgeons in area hospitals, for the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business.

Students who go through Mr. Halloran and hired for an internship will also reap the benefit of having him as a mentor for three months. This means they’ll have direct access to his 20 years of experience with IBM in various management positions.

For further information, please contact:

Neil Halloran
Internship Coordinator
Willumstad School of Business
p – 516.877.4624
e – nhalloran@adelphi.edu


For further information, please contact:

Robert B. Willumstad School of Business
p - 516.877.4600