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Testimonials about Adelphi’s Internship and Mentorship Program

Some of our top alumni talk about their “Adelphi Intern Experience” in the School of Business.

 Daniel Zider

“Over the course of four years at Adelphi University, I obtained and successfully complete five financial services internships. These experiences helped, in part, create the young professional I am today. These internships, completed from September 2012–August 2014 in straight succession and without break, were possible because of the people and resources at Adelphi University and the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business who enabled me to concurrently take a full course load & hold a full-time internship during academic semesters. The internships taught me the soft and hard skills, at a young age, needed to be successful in an ever competitive and changing space.”

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Danielle Schmal

“These are the words I tell people when they ask how I have achieved all that I have during my undergraduate college career. I graduated from Adelphi University in May of 2017 with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree as a Finance major and Mathematics minor. I am proud to say that I was on the Dean’s list each semester of my Adelphi career, and earned more honor cords than most of my graduating class. My diligence and work ethic are a testimony of my great potential.

On top of devoting my time at Adelphi building my professional reputation, I held several leadership positions, most notably: Finance Society President, Delta Gamma Vice President of Finance, Delta Sigma Pi Vice President of Finance, and Peer Leader of the Health and Wellness Peer Education Program. I was a well known leader on Adelphi’s campus and I know that the hard work I put in has left a lasting impact at this University.”

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Emily Yates

“When I began my sophomore year, I told myself that I had to start applying for an internship so I could gain some experience. I made an appointment with Mr. Halloran and the process quickly began. In December of 2015, I went on an interview with Merrill Lynch, and about a week later I was hired. I began my three-month internship in their Operations Department. I supported management with a weekly spreadsheet related to the adoption of client experience on a weekly basis. I also helped as a second hand with day to day tasks. I was exposed to a company that would help me for my future career and allowed me to expand my network.”

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 Alexandria White

“During my past three years at Adelphi, I have forged lifelong friendships, relationships with professors, and broadened my career development through several internships. I have benefited from the resources that Adelphi provides its’ students to broaden their horizons and achieve their goals. The Center for Career and Professional Development has been invaluable in assisting me to rework and format my resume. I enjoyed the Internship Preparation Seminar I took freshman year with Victoria Passarella, which exposed me to the PREP and Leadership Certificate programs, which have helped further my professional development.”

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Danielle Hyatt ’16

“My experience at Adelphi has been extraordinary. This university has given me access to lifelong friends, a network of fantastic businessmen and women, and a chain of unforgettable memories. Adelphi has also granted me the opportunity to build my very own solid link within the business world. My passion for marketing was nothing new when I started at Adelphi. At 13 years old, I assisted a local real estate office in my hometown with their digital and print marketing. Working for an individual whom I now consider to be family, I continue to manage all digital and print marketing for his office to this day. During my sophomore year at Adelphi, I decided to expand beyond the local office. Through the aid of Professor Halloran, I landed a marketing internship at the Penn Mutual Life Planning Group. I had no idea I’d be working as an Associate there up until I graduated. After my first few months, I felt I needed a challenge that would transcend the bounds of marketing.” 

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Christine Chin ’16

“I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Jaggar Community Fellows Program at the end of my Freshman year and Junior year at Adelphi University. I was the Training and Professional Development intern at New York Cares, where I helped facilitate workshops and served as the main point of contact for community partners. I loved coming into the office every day to meet new people who were passionate about community service.”

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Olivia Pitz ’16

“During the winter of 2016, I interned at KPMG LLP, one of the big four accounting firms, in the audit department. My internship lasted for three months. Being an accounting major, for the most part everything I learned in class was conceptual. While interning, I learned exactly what auditors do. The tasks given to me included checking excel spreadsheet for mathematical accuracy, preparing roll forwards, creating control libraries, etc. I gained a wealth of knowledge throughout the duration of my internship, not only how to perform certain accounting tasks, but I was also able to develop my professional skills.”

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Eric Benoit

“Transferring to Adelphi last January, I wanted to start my business career right away. So, before the semester even started, I scheduled a meeting with the internship coordinator, Professor Neil Halloran. I discussed my interests with Neil and he sent my resume out to a number of firms. Right away, I had a variety of interviews scheduled, and as a result, I selected the New York Cosmos as my first internship. I worked with them from March 2016 to November 2016. During the Summer of 2016, I decided to go back home to Chicago. After browsing for a number of positions, I ultimately decided to work for Copa America for the duration of the summer. Both of these internships were truly unbelievable experiences that helped me rediscover my love for the sport of soccer. Through these two internships, I developed the important skill of time management, further developed my communication skills, and learned the importance of teamwork.”

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Rachel Foley

“As I was nearing the end of my freshman year, I began to contemplate my plans for the summer as well as for my future as a whole. Immediately, I knew that I wanted an internship so I could experience all that the field of accounting had to offer. Most of my familiarity with accounting prior to that point had been learned in the classroom, so I wanted to get a first hand feel of what my professional career would look like. After attending Adelphi’s Job and Internship Expo, I got a call from a representative of Nassau County’s Internship Program. He offered me a position in which I would audit government-funded companies on behalf of the Department of Human Services. For the whole summer I was able to work in the field, network, and practice my accounting skills, all while learning a variety of new skills.”

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Jennifer Coraggio

“As I approached my junior year, I knew I wanted to make the most of my time here and take full advantage of all the opportunities offered to me. On that note, I began my search for an internship that would allow me to put forth all of my knowledge and skills that I had acquired thus far at Adelphi. At the end of my fall semester, I had been notified that I was selected to intern for ‘Stache Media, a division of Sony Music. Through that internship, I was responsible for organizing initiatives for upcoming artists, as well as developing social media campaigns with careful consideration to the clients’ needs and specific industry. While interning for Stache Media, I was also receiving college credit through the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business. My experience not only with the company, but also with Neil Halloran, Adelphi’s Internship Coordinator, was a very positive one.”

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Kristin Suraci ’12

“While interning with Michael Kors I took part in an independent study course and worked very closely with professor Neil Halloran, who served as an excellent mentor throughout the process. Professor Halloran and I met regularly over the course of the semester to discuss my internship, what I was learning and how that applied to what I was learning in my HR courses. For example, when taking a course in selection, you might be taught what types of interview questions to ask and how to prevent discrimination in the selection process, but you cannot be taught how exactly to choose the ‘best-fit’ candidates for such different types of positions. That ability can only be developed through experience.

Professor Halloran really took the time to discuss these things with me and to advise me whenever I had questions that arose as a result of my internship.”

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Kristin Suraci

Kelsey Herron

Kelsey Herron ’13

“Adelphi University was not only a noted academic school for me, it was a stepping stone and portal to connections toward a career in the fashion industry. During my time as a student living on campus, I had the opportunity to intern at two well-known fashion companies in New York City and acquire hands-on experience that could not be taught in a classroom. Without convenient access to Manhattan’s thriving business culture, a fashion internship wouldn’t have been possible.

As an ambitious business student, I worked hard to excel and network my way through my intern programs. I connected confidently with the companies I interned for and made sure to leave a strong impression. All my hard work was well rewarded! After graduation, I landed a job with Michael Kors, the company I just concluded interning for. I am currently a shop manager for Michael Kors, and could not have had this opportunity without pursuing internships.”

Sarah Sullivan ’06

“My internship experience at 1-800Flowers.com provided me with the opportunity to apply theory into action and gain real world business experience with and among senior executives. I was given significant responsibility while working with my director, and in several instances, acted in his stead. The experience not only enabled me to develop an understanding of how an executive thinks and operates, but also matured me as a professional.

I credit many of my professors for teaching me business acumen and I credit my internship for successfully tapping into my academic experience to help me navigate this real world circumstance.

With my major in accounting and two years of internship experience, I landed a job as an assurance associate for PricewaterhouseCoopers.”


Neil Halloran

About the Internship Coordinator

Neil Halloran has been a senior adjunct professor at Adelphi for more than nine years, teaching graduate-level classes, which include our M.B.A. programs, with a specialization in Health Services Administration courses offered to doctors and surgeons in area hospitals, for the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business.

Students who go through Mr. Halloran and hired for an internship will also reap the benefit of having him as a mentor for three months. This means they’ll have direct access to his 20 years of experience with IBM in various management positions.

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