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BA in Ethics and Public Policy

Your leadership journey starts here, with a degree in ethics and public policy. Learn how to craft creative solutions to real-world problems.

Today’s pressing social and global issues—including inequality, migration, climate change, financial instability and international security—require solutions from professionals who understand the underlying philosophical, political and economic issues. Adelphi’s interdisciplinary BA in Ethics and Public Policy gives you the tools to tackle these challenges head-on.

The Bachelor of Arts in Ethics and Public Policy is a joint offering of the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Why Should I Major in Ethics and Public Policy at Adelphi?

The Ethics and Public Policy program primes the next generation of ethical leaders to make an impact in professional, government or nonprofit careers. 

Inspired by the University of Oxford’s Philosophy, Politics and Economics program (PPE), the BA transcends disciplinary boundaries to prepare students for exciting professional opportunities. With strong critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills in your arsenal, you’ll be ready to launch a career in business, the nonprofit sector or public service.

Graduates of the Ethics and Public Policy program are well equipped for careers in fields such as law, banking and finance, politics, journalism and broadcasting, industry, teaching, business management, and many branches of public service and advocacy—including the civil and diplomatic services and local government. 

Adelphi’s long history of leadership in all these areas makes it an ideal place to study ethics and public policy.

What Will I Study as a BA in Ethics and Public Policy Major?

The BA in Ethics and Public Policy begins with an introductory course that integrates the methods and theories from philosophy, political science and economics. During your studies, you’ll gain a balanced foundation in: theories of ethics and justice from philosophy and political theory, policy issues and debates from political science, and analytical tools from economics. The program culminates in a capstone project in which students develop an ethically and economically sound policy solution to a contemporary problem. The rest is up to you. As part of Adelphi’s personalized approach to education, you have the freedom to focus your elective classes on a specific theme, such as environmental justice or migration, or to pursue a generalized course of study — all in small classes with individual guidance from professors.
Whatever you decide, you’ll learn how to integrate the wide range of analytical tools you’ll develop, preparing you to creatively respond to a wide range of social and global challenges. Throughout the Ethics and Public Policy program, you’ll enjoy a dynamic intellectual environment where students and faculty routinely engage in close collaboration. 
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Who Are the Faculty for the Ethics and Public Policy Degree Program?

Our faculty are specialists in many areas, ranging from global justice to feminist theory, disability studies, international security, energy policy, food politics, human trafficking, ecological economics and game theory. Their wide-ranging expertise and world-class scholarship will motivate and inspire you.

Shawn Kaplan, PhD
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Political Philosophy, Ethics, Just War Theory, Global Justice

Alex Neitzke, PhD
Assistant Professor
Ethics, Applied Ethics, Healthcare Ethics, Environmental Ethics

Regina Axelrod, PhD
Public Policy, Energy Policy, Environmental Policy

Mariano Torras, PhD
Professor and Department Chair
Ecological Economics, Economic Development, Institutional Economics, Political Economy

Soon Ryoo, PhD
Associate Professor
Economic Theory, Economic Policy, Inequality, Game Theory

Sokthan Yeng, PhD
Associate Professor
Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Philosophy of Sex and Gender

Traci Levy, PhD
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Political Theory, Feminist Theory, Disability Studies

Margaret Gray, PhD
Associate Professor/AAUP President
American Politics, Food Politics, Race and Ethnicity, Human Trafficking, Labor Politics

David Machlis, PhD
Associate Professor
Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, The National Economy

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